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RPS «models» the digital future of European industry

RPS «models» the digital future of European industry

More than 450 representatives of important industrial companies participated in the Schwabenlandhalle auditorium in Fellbach, at north of Stuttgart. They were able to learn firsthand the proposal of Ibermatica in digitization solutions for the industrial sector. The sessions also presented real experiences of RPS clients in Germany belonging to various industrial sectors.

After the welcome and a multitudinous breakfast, the main presentation of the products and services of our distributor, DPS Software, was started in the main auditorium, where RPS already had a prominent role. In the words of Manfred Gravius, general manager of the DPS group , RPS plays as the base and integrated platform on which a good part of its objective is based: to consolidate itself as the largest global provider of PLM solutions in the country.

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