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Photographing, filming, writing and creating the framework, structure and content of projects we materialize ideas through photography and cinema/video . A number a case of studies from our work with brands, Chefs, producers, diverse agricultural organizations, cultural institutions and charities are highlighted on the link, along with contact details.

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CacaoCollective, our journey

[korra_custom_banner title=»CacaoCollective started in 2014.This adventure which lasted 2 years, took us to Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cameroon, Madagascar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Belgium, Spain and France. Going hand in hand with farmers, anthropologists, historians, biologists, chemists, engineers, agronomists, geneticists, tasters and cooks, we give the voice to cacao, a fruit bound up with the history of mankind since more than 3.500 years.» image=»https://www.ivo-ana.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Camerun2-1002894.jpg» link_text=»Read our journey diary» link_url=»http://46020studio.com/CacaoCollective/» link_target=»on»]