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We build authentic partnership with Brands, Chefs, Producers and diverse agricultural organizations, and create content for a global audience. We talk about Agricultural Sustainability, Biodiversity, Organics, Gastronomy and Food through photography and film, wether to sell a new product, to create a corporate identity or content for social media. It is part of our DNA.

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Cacao Barry. Retratos, Sirha.

Cacao Barry. Retratos, Sirha.

Cacao Barry.

Cacao Barry Tandem retratos en el Sirha 2017. Tandem 1: Ramon Morató & Marta Martin. CacaoBarry creativity and trend Lab. Tandem 2: Philippe Bertand & Pablo. CacaoBarry Chocolate Academy France. Tandem 3: Valentine Detaille & Manoela Pedron. CacaoBarry Chocolate Research/Development and Global Brand Manager..

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