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We build authentic partnership with Brands, Chefs, Producers and diverse agricultural organizations, and create content for a global audience. We talk about Agricultural Sustainability, Biodiversity, Organics, Gastronomy and Food through photography and film, wether to sell a new product, to create a corporate identity or content for social media. It is part of our DNA.

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Cacao Barry Creativity Manifesto

Creativity moves us.
It stirs something deep within.
When we innovate and invent – we progress
Turning moments of inspiration
Into traditions that last generations.
We want to inspire Chefs
To create something completely original
and utterly breathtaking .
We want to be catalyst for pure imagination
We want our Chefs to taste possibility by unlocking sensorial richness of cacao.
Push the boundaries of flavours and unbox creativity.

Cacao Barry nos encargó de «crear» un video de poco más de un minuto en el que pudiésemos reflejar cada una de las frases que forman parte de su Manifesto.

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