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We build authentic partnership with Brands, Chefs, Producers and diverse agricultural organizations, and create content for a global audience. We talk about Agricultural Sustainability, Biodiversity, Organics, Gastronomy and Food through photography and film, wether to sell a new product, to create a corporate identity or content for social media. It is part of our DNA.

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CacaoCollective Red Book

Talking about cocoa is not just talking about a fruit or a crop. Talking about cocoa is also talking about people who grow it, study it, ferment it, cook it, taste it. To talk about cocoa is to talk about history, culture, biodiversity, passion and difficulty.
5 years ago we started an adventure through the tropics. Fruit of it, our project for CacaoBarry, «cacaocollective»,, and as I recall, our RedBook, in which many of the people who participated in the project, left written, drawn or signed with the fingerprint, their commitment and their passion for a crop that is already part of our lives.
Next Sunday we march to Trinidad and Tobago, Guatemala and El Salvador to film a new project that we are passionate about and with which we feel very committed. Bioversity International, a European non-profit organization that strives to conserve and encourage biodiversity in the crops of the present and future, has entrusted us with the ability to collect testimonies and evidence of the great problem that affects all humanity and especially the community of cocoa farmers. Through its Cocoa of Excellence program in which quality cocoa, good plantation management, biodiversity and the contact between them and the chocolate industry are encouraged, without intermediaries, rewarding the 50 best cocoa in the world , we will know a unique, sustainable, ethical initiative that will be displayed during the delivery of the International Cocoa Awards at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris at the end of October this year.

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